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[BHE 92 – Valentine Week 2014] Poetry and Book Love


Myra here.

It’s Sunday! Time for us to share the books that have found us during the past few weeks. This Sunday is extra-special as we have decided to do a week-long Poetry and Book Love Celebration from today til Saturday. We believe that Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating. Add the fact that International Book Giving Day is this week too! Whee!

Fats has very generously created this lovely widget for us to use throughout the week.


Do join us if you’re posting anything poetry-related or joining us for IBGD from today til the 15th of February!

Poetry Books from the Library


I swear I only meant to borrow one or two books from the library, but I ended up with all these.


Penguin’s Poems for Love selected by Laura Farber, Sacred Poems and Prayers of Love cosen by Mary Ford-Grabowsky.


The Picador Book of Love Poems edited by John Stammers, The World’s Favourite Love Poems edited by Suheil Bushrui.


I Love You: An Illustrated Anthology of some of the most romantic love poems ever written.


Fats recommended this book to me. She felt it would be good for our Saturday Cybils special seeing that this is a finalist for the Young Adult Fiction category. It’s thick, but I’m hoping I can read it in time for Saturday, or maybe not. We see how it goes: Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets by Evan Roskos.


Now this. This is the book that I was actually hunting down. I read an excerpt from – a teaser from Virginia Woolf’s love letter to Vita Sackville-West, and I was simply taken by it. I have to find the book. And here it is: The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time edited by David H. Lowenherz.

For awhile there, I lost poetry. It happens whenever I am too busy with my life. But poetry has always been my center. My quiet. This week is all about love and books and giving and peace. Join us, dear friends. Be loved.

What are the books that found their way to you this week? Do tell!

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2 comments on “[BHE 92 – Valentine Week 2014] Poetry and Book Love

  1. Hi Myra – Love the theme! I’m working on my Valentine post too – although my books are more for the younger crowd! I’m interested in the Advice for Sad Poets book – what a great title. Also, the Greatest Love Letters of All Time looks VERY romantic! Reminds me of Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock. This might be a great book to add to your Valentines list. It is an amazing intimate love story told through letters and postcards – great artwork too! Happy reading!


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