Whodunit Reading Challenge

Reading Recommendation on the Crime and Mystery Genre: A GatheringBooks List!

Reading Recommendation on the Crime and Mystery Genre: A GatheringBooks List!

In the first semester of 2011 we hosted our first reading challenge on books under the Mystery and Crime Genre and dedicated the Months of May and April for our own Whodunit reading.  We had quite a number of books we wanted to review, but alas only a few made it to the site. Below […]

The Winners of Our Whodunit Reading Challenge 2011!

We bring to a close our first ever reading challenge with the announcement of the winners. Myra, Fats, and I chose our favorite reviews, and here they are: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Blackplume) The Collaborator of Bethlehem by Matt Beynon Rees (Fanarchist) All She was Worth by Miyuki Miyabe (Blackplume) Congratulations Blackplume for […]

Saying Goodbye to the First Half of the Year, Our June Round-Up

Whenever I write a round-up post I feel that days are shorter and time slips away without me noticing. Half a year has gone, its July and I’m saying good bye to June. Moreover, it’s almost a year since we began this little project of ours called Gathering Books. 1:4:1000 Book Drive So, where do […]

Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

I’ve never read an Agatha Christie before, but it seems unfair to end the Whodunit theme without featuring/reviewing any of her books. After all, she is considered a classic in the genre. However, in my personal attempt to shoot two birds with one stone I chose The Murder of Roger Ackroyd out of the many […]

In the Dread of Night: Volume 1

Gathering Books generally review books that we personally chose and acquired. Occasionally we get books from publishers (or their representatives) which we gladly take on. In other instances, we get emails from authors, most often self-published or independently published, requesting that we review their books. It is here we hesitate. What we often find ourselves […]