Private! Stay Away! Keep Out! Diaries Special

The Mystery of Mineral Gorge by Julia Van Nutt and Robert Van Nutt

When I read through this picture book, I noted that this would fit both our October and November Tales Special for the following reasons: (one) it deals with diary entries of a ten year old girl named Lucky Hart who lived in 1844, perfect for our Diary theme of last month’s and (two) it fits […]

Zoo-Wee Mama! – The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Special

Tuesday First of all, let me get something straight: This is a JOURNAL, not a diary. I know what it says on the cover, but when Mom went out to buy this thing I SPECIFICALLY told her to get one that didn’t say “diary” on it. [...] Great. All I need is for some jerk […]

Egyptian Diary – The Journal of Nakht by Richard Platt and illustrated by David Parkins

Next to Roman Diary, this Journal of young Nakht is my favorite in the four-book Diary Series by Richard Platt. The year is 1465 BC, the eighth year of King Hatshepsut’s Reign. Similar to the other three books that I have reviewed (Castle Diary, Pirate Diary, and Roman Diary) – the narrative begins with the […]

Just My Luck! – The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4

Tuesday, March 10th PRINCE EDWARD BORN, 1964           Why couldn’t I have been born Prince Edward, and Prince Edward been born Adrian Mole? I am treated like a serf. (p. 52) Sue Townsend’s The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 ¾ is an offbeat comedic novel that chronicles the everyday – literally, everyday – […]

Pirate Diary, The Journal of Jake Carpenter by Richard Platt and Chris Riddell

Winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal, this book screams “Ahoy Matey!” and “Shivers me Timbers!” with such painstaking realistic details and panache, that I literally feel the need to wear an eye patch, sport dreadlocks and find me a hooked hand for Halloween. Truth be told, I am not a fan of sea-stories (I yawned […]