Girl Power and Women’s Wiles

Monday Reading: Crafty and Awesome Girls in Picture Books – Meet Chloe, Zoe, and Violet

It’s Monday, What are You Reading is a meme hosted by Jen and Kellee from Teach Mentor Texts (and brainchild of Sheila at BookJourney). Two of our blogging friends, Linda from Teacher Dance and Tara from A Teaching Life have inspired us to join this vibrant meme. Last Week’s Review and Miscellany Posts Sign-ups for the Award-Winning-Books Reading Challenge is still open. Do join us […]

List of Girl Power Themed Books and Poems: Picture Books, YA, Adult Lit, and Poetry

List of Girl Power Themed Books and Poems: Picture Books, YA, Adult Lit, and Poetry

We have just recently concluded our Girl Power and Women’s Wiles bimonthly theme. And as such, we’d like to share a summary of the books we managed to review and those we would still like to recommend though we didn’t have a chance to feature them here. I’d try to arrange them according to genre. […]

Of Summer Sisters and Nostalgic Adventures: The Penderwicks

This is an overdue review of a book I’ve read a few months back. I’m posting my final contribution to our Girl Power bimonthly theme. Modern pop culture portrays girl power in the looks of the Spice Girl and Pink—there’s this incredible edginess to them, an almost in-your-face quality. In some ways, they are caricatures […]

Sam, Bangs and Moonshine by Evaline Ness

I deliberately searched for this book in our libraries when I learned that it is one of the earliest winners of the Caldecott Medal and it features a girl protagonist which is perfect for our bimonthly theme Girl Power and Women’s Wiles.  What is Real? What is Moonshine? To say that I was intrigued by the title […]

Crossing Stones by Helen Frost: A Suffragette’s Sparkling Pathways to Self

I knew when I read this several months back that I had to find a way to feature this book on our site. Helen Frost has been a favorite ever since I discovered some of her award-winning poetry for our novels-in-verse theme last November to first weeks of January (see my review of Hidden here). […]