Young Adult (YA) Literature

Voices of Peculiar Children in Miss Peregrine’s Home

Myra here. I know it must be a wee bit strange to include this in our Diversity theme but since our definition of multiculturalism transcends race and nationalities, and also includes the voices of the silenced, the outcast, the outliers, those in the fringes of the community, I thought that I could still manage to […]

Hard & Vulnerable: Discovering the Universe of Aristotle and Dante

Iphigene Here. If emotions were currency in the world of reading, I would be poor. I’m not the most emotional reader there is. I rarely find myself in tears or in awe of a book. These occasions are so rare that authors and books that do awe me become an obsession. Case in point: Haruki […]

Damaged Goods, Wounded Souls, and Redemption in Keren David’s Salvage

Myra here. Contemporary realistic fiction is not my usual fare in literary reading. I am more your fantasy, magical realism, gothic-horror kind of girl. There was something, however, about Salvage that captured my interest. Plus the fact that it’s a perfect book to feature for our current reading theme. Glossy Sheen of Perfection and a Ripped Apart […]

Spring “Reading” in 2014

Fats here. When Carrie Gelson launched the #MustReadin2014 Reading Challenge last January, we thought it was a great idea to join since it coincides with our Check Off Your Reading List (CORL2014) Challenge. Both are awesome ways to catch up on our reading and go through our TBR pile one book at a time. I […]

[BHE 99] Showing More Love to Diversity

Fats here. It has come to my attention that I’m 5 books behind schedule, according to my 2014 Reading Challenge on Goodreads. Yikes! I guess I’ll have to devour my way through these books and hopefully reach my goal of 150 books this year! Despite the “backlog,” I’m happy to share my recent book loot with […]