GatheringBooks Asks: Myra

Happy New Year One and All! Thank you Mary for coming up with this idea. This is really cute. And as you warned when you emailed me and Fats, the post might possibly be a long one, and yes it’s like a soliloquy of sorts, but in good taste, not to worry. It is about […]

An NYRB Children’s Classic – Rumer Godden’s The Mousewife, Pictures by William Pene du Bois

This is a quietly haunting tale of a dream kept and nurtured in the deepest corners of one’s being, despite its struggles to break free. The story was inspired by Dorothy Woodsworth’s (an English poet and diarist) story for her brother William, with a few tweaks here and there done by Godden. While it is […]

NYRB Reading Week: A Reflective and Summative Postscript

The NYRB Reading week has successfully concluded yesterday (November 7-13, 2010), although for some other parts of the world, one can still submit as late as today, I think. Thank you very much Honey from Coffeespoons and Mrs B from The Literary Stew for hosting such a lovely event. Looking at the summary posts done […]

NYRB Reading Week: The Magic Pudding written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay

The Magic Pudding written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay, With an Introduction by Philip Pullman A lot has been written about The Magic Pudding (Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his friends Bill Barnacle & Sam Sawnoff), a classic children’s book in Australia. I even found a post relating the book to legalese and law […]

NYRB Reading Week: A 2in1 Special – James Thurber’s The 13 Clocks and The Wonderful O as Illustrated by Marc Simont

Initially, I just wanted to review The Wonderful O upon finding out that Honey from Coffeespoons would most likely be reviewing The 13 Clocks. However, as I was drafting my thoughts, I realized that I could not possibly talk about Wonderful O without reference to 13 Clocks, so might as well review two NYRB books […]