Filipino Lit

Spring “Reading” in 2014

Fats here. When Carrie Gelson launched the #MustReadin2014 Reading Challenge last January, we thought it was a great idea to join since it coincides with our Check Off Your Reading List (CORL2014) Challenge. Both are awesome ways to catch up on our reading and go through our TBR pile one book at a time. I […]

Local Graphic Novels: FHL and Mikey Recio

Iphigene here. Reading local graphic novels/comic books is often a surreal experience. I grew up reading the usual Marvel and DC comics, immersed in the lives of the X-men, Batman, Spiderman and Superman. It never occurred to me that I would one day read about local superheroes. While the local comic world never was dead […]

Fantastical Elements in Philippine Children’s Literature: Selected Stories from “Ang Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” Retold by Christine S. Bellen

Hello. Fats here. As we continue with our bimonthly theme, From Asia with Love, I am sharing with you three Philippine picture books taken from the short story collection of Severino Reyes. As I noted in my BHE post a month ago, Severino Reyes was considered the Father of the Tagalog zarzuela. He was a writer, a […]

A Tale of Two Kitties (And Then Some): Becky Bravo’s The Cat Painter and Lina Diaz de Rivera’s The Cardinal and the Cats

Fats here. We are still celebrating Asian literature in our current theme, From Asia With Love. As I say goodbye to cough and colds (they will not be missed!), I’d like to share with you two picture books that I bought in the Philippines nearly a month ago. Both happen to be about cats. (I […]

BHE (53): Book Finds in the Philippines

Before I left for the Philippines, I told myself that I won’t indulge in any book-buying spree. A couple of days before my flight, one of my dearest high school friends left a message in the group chat that I created, saying that they would take me to this thrift store called Bookayukay. I knew […]