Interview Wednesday

Meet the Storyteller: Candy Gourlay in GatheringBooks

We are truly privileged to have Candy Gourlay in Behind the Books as our Featured Storyteller for our Festival of Asian Literature and Immigrant Experience bimonthly theme until the first week of July. This will be the first installment of our 2-part Feature on Candy.  Click on the title below to be taken to our Behind the […]

Interview Wednesday: The Women [and Poetry] in Margarita Engle’s Writings

Last week, we posted the first part of our interview with Margarita as we explored her creative process and inspiration for her latest novel The Wild Book. Interview Wednesday is hosted this month by Carmela Martino from Teaching Authors. Our final interview with Margarita is now live in Behind the Books where Margarita generously shares with us […]

Interview Wednesday: Margarita Engle’s Wild Verses in The Wild Book

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome Cuban American award-winning author Margarita Engle in GatheringBooks for our Girl Power and Women’s Wiles theme. Interview Wednesday is hosted this month by Carmela Martino from Teaching Authors. We also feel that Margarita’s visit is in keeping with April being National Poetry Month. How positively […]

Blog Tour of Lily Renee – Interview Wednesday: Conversation with Anne Timmons and mo oh

We are truly privileged to welcome Anne Timmons and mo oh in GatheringBooks as part of the Blog Tour of award-winning book Lily Renée, Escape Artist. Our interview with Anne and mo is now up at Behind the Books where we post all of our ongoing conversations with artists, poets, illustrators, authors, and academics. Click here to be […]

Orchards Review and Q and A – Part 4 of 4

Last week, we posted the first half of our review for Orchards and Q and A with Holly Thompson. This week, we share the last part of our feature on Holly Thompson. This week’s Interview Wednesday is hosted by the amazing Zoe at Playing by the Book. On Cliques, Atoms, and Universes within. We can […]