Reading the World 2011

The 2011 Reading Challenge Round Up

In 2011 we joined quite a number of reading challenges. It was both exciting and difficult. But we’re happy to report to have successfully completed every one of it. Picture Book Challenge 2011 The goal was to read 120 Picture Books in 2011. We read 133 books. If you haven’t noticed yet we at Gathering Books […]

Here Comes the End of July: A Round Up

July is almost over, we are a few days early to the end, but nonetheless time has flown and next thing you’ll know Christmas is here. We are publishing our round-up post earlier every month to participate in the Carnival of Children’s Literature which is being hosted this month by Emmy’s Book of the Day. 1:4:1000 Book […]

The Story in History: Ambeth Ocampos’ Dirty Dancing

I’ve always loved history classes. I was short of a knowledge geek in grade school through college.  While I wasn’t good in memorizing anything—dates, heroes, or wars—-I enjoyed learning about things in the past. But history as an academic pursuit can be burdensome, all that list of dates, national bird (Flower, tree, etc), and heroes […]

Dual Tastes of Morocco and Sydney: Mirror by Jeannie Baker

There are moments when you feel privileged to be holding a book in your hands. Jeannie Baker’s Mirror is one of those books which provide you with that honor. A rare find which revolutionizes the experience of flipping through the pages of a book with its capacity to go beyond the boundaries of what a […]

Suzy Lee’s Wordless Art in Mirror (2003), Wave (2008), and Shadow (2010) – Part Two of Suzy Lee Feature

Wave (2008) If there is one book that we could claim has catapulted Suzy Lee to fame, it would be her wordless picture book Wave which has earned a starred review from Kirkus Reviews describing it as “simply spectacular”; a starred review from School Library Journal depicting it as “A simple, well-crafted story of friendship” and […]