Picture Book Challenge 2011

The 2011 Reading Challenge Round Up

In 2011 we joined quite a number of reading challenges. It was both exciting and difficult. But we’re happy to report to have successfully completed every one of it. Picture Book Challenge 2011 The goal was to read 120 Picture Books in 2011. We read 133 books. If you haven’t noticed yet we at Gathering Books […]

Christmas Poems – from the GatheringBooks Ladies (A 3-in-1 Collaborative Blogpost)

Merry Christmas to one and all! Must have been a late evening for most of you, what with the opening of presents and the noche buena for those who are in the Philippines. For this Holiday season, Fats, Iphigene and myself thought that rather than feast on assorted cheeses, ham, and turkey – we would […]

Cajun Night Before Christmas by James Rice

As I was going through quite a number of picture books about Christmas and poetry collections with a Yuletide theme – I couldn’t help but feel that most of them sounded cliche and predictable, trite and b-o-r-i-n-g. This book, however, is extremely refreshing, and perfect for our Poetry-filled Yuletide Cheer theme: Cajun Night Before Christmas […]

Anushka Ravishankar’s “Elephants Never Forget” illustrated by Christiane Pieper

A month ago, I had the privilege of meeting prolific Indian author, Anushka Ravishankar, when I was invited to be one of the speakers for the International seminar and exhibition in Mumbai, India. I mentioned to her that I found her book Elephants Never Forget in our library here in Singapore and that I’d be […]

Making Science Fun in Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith’s Science Verse

It has been a week since I had my desktop sent to Apple (because it mysteriously crashed) and my laptop sent to Best Buy for reformatting (because it mysteriously could not connect to the Internet). Electronics and the Internet have become a necessity for me that, without them, I feel crippled. And so, I would […]