Murakami Challenge 2011

The 2011 Reading Challenge Round Up

In 2011 we joined quite a number of reading challenges. It was both exciting and difficult. But we’re happy to report to have successfully completed every one of it. Picture Book Challenge 2011 The goal was to read 120 Picture Books in 2011. We read 133 books. If you haven’t noticed yet we at Gathering Books […]

Haruki Murakami’s Sputnik Sweethearts

One only appreciates an old book when one discovers something new in each re-reading. Sputnik Sweetheart was never a real favorite, a probable contender in my top 3 Murakami novels but never really making it. While it was the book that introduced me to Murakami, it didn’t grab me. Re-reading it has opened my eyes […]

South of the Border, West of the Sun: A few thoughts

“We were, the two of us, still fragmentary beings, just beginning to sense the presence of an unexpected, to-be-acquired reality that would fill us and make us whole. We stood in front of a door we’ve never seen before.” In usual fashion, Murakami writes in first person through his protagonist Hajime. Like Murakami in his […]

After Dark by Haruki Murakami

After Dark reads like a movie, the scenes are presented in a seemingly chronological manner. Like a camera, it zooms into the lives of interconnected individuals during the late hours of the day until dawn. It is reminiscent of Before Sunset/Sunrise, wherein you watch a long conversation unfold given very few hours; though the intruding […]

A re-reading of Murakami’s Birthday Stories

I don’t have memorable birthdays. Although I keep a journal, I rarely write about my birthday. It comes and goes like the wind. After all those years celebrating in my father’s shadow I have become comfortable in the quietness of my birthday. I have no tragic recollections or glorious celebrations; my birthdays are as mundane […]