Finish Line for Bloggiesta

Finish Line for Bloggiesta

Whew! Bloggiesta Weekend is definitely over. This will be our final post for Bloggiesta. We definitely enjoyed being with Pedro this weekend, and as the quote below states The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. – Albert Einstein as found in 13 Words by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by […]

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Freshening Up Content

Iphigene, Fats, and I had a quickie exchange through Facebook about what we’re going to include here for this mini-challenge called Ways to Freshen Up Your Content as hosted by Emily’s Reading Room. This has been on our minds recently and we have been brainstorming on ways through which we can add on to our site. I just feel […]

Bloggiesta MiniChallenge Update: Goodreads, Pinterest, and Shelfari

This is a much-delayed update of the progress that we’ve made so far with the other mini-challenges which coincided beautifully with some of our goals. Let’s go over each one of them, shall we? Pinterest I lovelovelove our Pinterest site. It’s very user-friendly and I love the fact that it’s just chock-filled with images, and […]

Bloggiesta Update: Mobilize Challenge

This is my first attempt to do a blog post using my iPhone thru BlogPress as part of Florinda from The 3 R’s Blog (@florinda_3rs) Mobilize! mini-challenge. Our Saturdays are usually packed with my daughter’s swimming class, my Sivananda yoga, and right now we’re in my daughter’s theater school. It would help if I can […]

Bloggiesta Quests – Let the Fun Begin!

Just yesterday, we posted our intention to join the Bloggiesta Fiesta this weekend and we have listed down our to-do list and goals. I have had a full-day staff retreat at East Coast Park and I rushed to have a quick visit to Bras Basah (my favorite bargain book store here in Singapore) before heading […]