24 Hour FFP Readathon

Reading in April’s Heat: An April Round-up

In April, I was determined to read more and write more reviews. It’s summer break for me. A few months free of worrying about graduate school.  I got my thick books out and began my reading journey. That’s my story, I’m not sure I did much reviewing though. For Gathering Books it was a busy […]

Final Round up for FFP 24hour Readathon and Preparation for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon happening NOW

This is my 6th and Final Round-up for the FFP 24 hour Readathon which started 9pm last night. So far, these are the books I read: Mirror by Jeannie Baker Window by Jeannie Baker Home by Jeannie Baker The Shrinking of Treehorn by Florence Parry Heide with Drawings by Edward Gorey Donald and the… by […]

FFP Readathon Update #5: 19 hours and 20 minutes and counting

Ok, it’s technically 4:20 pm now, and we have just arrived here in our last stop for our full-to-the-brim usual Saturday routine, my daughter’s Catechism class. We just came from her hour-long Theater class, after finishing my yoga. While I was doing my grunting and heaving and labored breathing as I struggle with my Sun […]

FFP Readathon Update 4: Hour 15, Sivananda Break

Ok, this is my fourth update for the FFP 24 Hour Readathon since the last time that I posted here. Currently, I am in my Sivananda Building and we would begin our nearly two hours of breathing, stretching, and much-needed relaxation and emptying of self in a few minutes, so I’d have to type really […]

Mawnin’ Readathoners – Update Number 3 – 12 hours into the Readathon

Ok, it’s officially 12 hours and 30 minutes into the Readathon (with its start time at 9pm last night). Since the last time I updated here (where I bid all Libreria booklovers goodnightynight), this has been my progress so far. Before lights out last night, I was able to manage reading a few pages from […]