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[Arts Corner] The Vanishing Journey of Mandaya Poetry and Music

Mandaya poetry is relatively unknown in Philippine literature. And before it could be known or studied in the academe, this unique form of poetry with its native Mandaya language is already vanishing. Being the only literary writer of Davao Oriental with major influences from the Mandaya poetry, artist–writer-musician Danny Castillones Sillada writes and shares a […]

[Arts Corner] The Agony of Living and Dying: Photographs from the Existentialist Perspective

The Agony of Living and Dying: Photographs from the Existentialist Perspective  Source: Danny Castillones Sillada’s Selected Photographs “There is, almost always, an air of intangible sadness in the paintings if not in the poetry of Danny Castiliones Sillada,” wrote the late art writer Lorna Revilla Montilla in her 1996 PDI article “Sillada Returns from the […]

[Arts Corner] Poetry and Drawings: The Tragic Story Behind the Artist’s Creation

“At the core of all sublime masterpieces lies the looming shadow of creative scuffles between darkness and light. Behind those forms, colors, songs, or verses is an inexplicable melancholy, which is invariably distant and aloof, that only a creator succumbs to and traverses amid its indefinable presence.”  ~ Danny Castillones Sillada, Despair, Suicide & Aesthetics […]

[Arts Corner] Phalluses and Vaginal Forms in Art: A Product of Sexual Repression or Sublimation? (The Freudian Side of Danny Castillones Sillada’s Art)

Parental Advisory: Content of this post may not be suitable for all ages. Reader discretion is advised. Phalluses and Vaginal Forms in Art: A Product of Sexual Repression or Sublimation?  (The Freudian Side of Danny Castillones Sillada’s Art) Source: Danny Castillones Sillada When Sillada was applying for a one-man show in a gallery in Metro […]

[Arts Corner] Landscape of Thoughts and Images: Beyond the Mind of An Artist – Danny Castillones Sillada

One of the reasons why we asked Danny Castillones Sillada to be our featured guest for our current bimonthly theme Oddballs and Misfits, the Surreal and the Peculiar: A Celebration of Beautiful Strangenesses is primarily because of his surreal artwork. In this post, you would be able to get to know more of Danny’s creative process and […]