Book Bingo

The Circus is Where It’s At: Oddballs and Misfits in Henrik Drescher’s Klutz and Maira Kalman’s Roarr Calder’s Circus

 “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and children of all ages! Welcome to Burfoot’s Circus, the travelling home of freaks, misfits, drop-outs and the socially inept – sometimes all of the above – come together for your entertainment pleasure tonight, out of a love of performing in some cases, and simply fear of discovery in […]

Not Just the Stars in the Skies but the entire Aurora Borealis for Valentine’s Day – A Sandburg and Lobel Collaboration

I thought that I already shared this lovely book here but a quick search in our archives revealed that I haven’t. I bought this book several years ago, but it is only now that the aurora borealis has acquired a different level of significance in my sensibilities and so, I fell in love with this […]

Of Witches, Fractured Tales, and Braid-Toting Outlaws: A 3-in-1 Gathering Books Special

Still in celebration of our bimonthly theme, Crazy Over Cybils, I decided to do a 3-in-1 Gathering Books special today. I borrowed a bunch of books from the library, and I will try to feature as many of them as possible. Two of the books featured today were nominated in the 2012 Cybils for the […]

Elephant & Piggie: Watch Me Throw the Ball!

I’m getting into the whole Elephant and Piggie series (or E&P as fans would put it), so today I’m featuring another one for our bimonthly theme. Last week, Piggie had a new toy, this time around, Gerald has a ball that he can throw very far. From this particular book, Mo Willems presents Piggie and […]

Love is Not All Rainbows and Butterflies in Stephen Emond’s Winter Town

“One boy. One girl. One not-so-epic love story.” I bought Stephen Emond’s Winter Town last December, the last book I purchased in 2012. I remember leaving Barnes & Noble when I spotted the cover. The cover didn’t strike me as anything spectacular, but I am always intrigued by stories about best friends. Besides, I thought […]