Hard & Vulnerable: Discovering the Universe of Aristotle and Dante

Iphigene Here. If emotions were currency in the world of reading, I would be poor. I’m not the most emotional reader there is. I rarely find myself in tears or in awe of a book. These occasions are so rare that authors and books that do awe me become an obsession. Case in point: Haruki […]

We, Them, and I : A look into AS King’s Ask the Passenger

Iphigene Here. Today’s “review” is on a novel nominated for the Cybils YA Fiction category and since we’re heading towards our next bimonthly theme this book serves as that nice transition as we ease into our upcoming theme launch. ———- At the end of each book, a reader is often asked: “Is it good?” and/or […]

The Insatiable Greed of a Rajah

Iphigene here. Greed: n, an intense and selfish desire for something esp. wealth, power or food. Greed is all consuming. I can only imagine how it feels to be greedy, how it is to intensely desire something.  In this little story, the reader meets a Rajah consumed by his greed that nothing is enough. His […]

Love and Leav

Iphigene Here. The red cover, that simple cursive spelling out love and the illustration of a girl with full bangs was enough to make me cross the aisles to the display shelf at my favorite bookstore. Even the alliteration in the author’s name was amusing enough for me to purchase the book. I didn’t however […]

Like Rain

Iphigene Here. Because celebrating love is something we’re doing big this year, I’ve decided to share an original poem. I wrote this back in 2007 and it was inspired by the girl a friend of mine was pining for.   Like Rain© by Iphigene Daradar She loves you like rain in too much heat from […]