The Moon is with you wherever you go in “Max and the Tag-Along Moon” by Floyd Cooper


Myra here.

As we read more books in connection with our current bimonthly theme Goddesses, Faeries, Spirit-Stars and Celestial Beings, it is interesting to note that most picturebooks in connection with the moon have grandmothers and grandfathers depicted in most of them. Two weeks back we shared the magic of the skies and grandmother’s love in Brian Wilcox and Lawrence David’s Full Moonand Patricia Maclachlan’s Your Moon, My Moon with artwork by Bryan Collier. This week, I am glad to share another book with the same subtheme, but this time with a grandfather in Max and the Tag-along Moon.


“That ol’ moon will always shine for you… on and on!”

This is what Grandpa told Max as he said good-bye during Max’s last visit in Granpa’s place. And true to Grandpa’s words, Max could see the moon beaming down from the heavens on their long ride home, as if playing peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek with Max. As Max sees the moon catching up, tagging along, keeping up with their little car across tunnels, roundabout streets, over a bridge – the moon seemed intent on being with Max throughout, just like Granpa said.


However, before Max reached his home, dark clouds gathered in the skies and try as he might Max couldn’t see the moon anymore. How the story ends, I shall leave for you to discover dear friends.

I love how the affection between grandparent and child is portrayed through the luminous artwork of Floyd Cooper. This is such a powerful picturebook that demonstrates the beauty of an enduring love that is able to withstand distance, space, and time. One only needs to look at the moon to know that one is loved.

Max and the Tag-along Moon by Floyd Cooper. Published by Philomel Books, 2013. Book borrowed from the public library. Book photos taken by me.


Read-a-Latte Challenge: 248 (150)

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3 comments on “The Moon is with you wherever you go in “Max and the Tag-Along Moon” by Floyd Cooper

  1. OOooo, do I love this illustration :)

    And I picked up THE BOY AND THE MOON today :D :D :D Checking blogs before I read…

  2. Looks like a beautiful book! Love the moon books!

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