GatheringReaders: A Book Club in Singapore!

I would like to invite those who are in Singapore to check out this book club that I’d be facilitating at the Jurong West Public Library, starting next week 25 July 2012, Wednesday, 5-630 pm.

Here are the posters that I have created for the event:

Apart from enjoying each other’s company, each child would be given a notebook to write down some of their thoughts and doodles. Light refreshment will be served. Possible features of participants’ works/writings here in GatheringBooks.

We will be meeting on a Wednesday every month. Check out the inclusive dates on the posters. Registration is open.

Call 6332-3255 or email helpdesk (at) nlb (dot) gov (dot) sg or gatheringbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com for inquiries.

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3 comments on “GatheringReaders: A Book Club in Singapore!

  1. [...] I have shared a few days ago, I am facilitating a book club for young readers here in Singapore in partnership with the Jurong West Community Library. We just had our first [...]

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