IMM (24): Loot From Book Off and the Science Fiction Book Club

It’s my turn today to share with you my recent loot for GB’s 24th IMM post. Woot!! In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren.

The first set of books I would be featuring includes books I bought from a cheap bookstore called Book Off.  If you’re anywhere near the San Diego area, Book Off is located in Kearny Mesa in front of In N’ Out Burger. Other cities in California where you can find Book Off include Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Torrance, and Westminister. They also have stores in Hawaii (one in Pearl Ridge and one in Ala Moana) and New York. These are just the USA stores. There is also a Book Off in France, Canada, Korea, and, Japan – from which the store was established.

Despite the 20-minute drive from home, the ever-supportive boyfriend drove all the way to Book Off just so I could satisfy my hunger for books. I first learned about Book Off through my co-workers who knew about my passion for books. Book Off, for me, is like a high-end thrift store. While most of the books I’ve seen in the store cost between $5-$10, Book Off also has a $1 section for all genre. YAY!! (The store also sells graphic novels, Japanese manga, and video games. You can trade in books and/or video games for cash. They would evaluate and pay for them on the spot.)

Before I rattle on Book Off (my new book haven), here are the titles I purchased recently:

Two new additions to my Time Warp Trio series by Jon Scieszka.

It’s so rare to find a Tove Jansson book in a thrift store, so I was really happy when I found not just one but TWO Moomintroll books!

Ellen Raskin has become one of my favorite YA authors since I read her Newbery book, The Westing Game. It was nice to have found another “riddle” book written by her, as well as a new one by Eric Berlin.

Who says “no” to Newbery books? I sure don’t! Two new award-winning books. =)

Hooray for a YA book by Creech, a children’s fiction by AVI, and a general fiction by Peck.

The two books above were probably my best loot of the day. Neil Gaiman’s Mirrormask was originally priced at $17 and I got it for $8. Roald Dahl’s My Uncle Oswald, on the other hand, would normally cost $13 in stores but I bought it for $5 at Book Off. Yay!

The second set of books includes titles from the Science Fiction Book Club. There is a funny story behind this set. When I first featured the Science Fiction Book Club at GatheringBooks, I mentioned that, while there is no membership fee, you have to make sure to check your email at the beginning of each month and respond to the feature selections that SFBC would send you. No response meant that they would send and charge you for both books – they give you 2 books at a time to choose from. Well, the first two books below were the feature selections I failed to DECLINE. Haha.

Luckily, I found Gail Carriger’s The Parasol Protectorate funny and enjoyable to read. It is my first urban fantasy/steampunk novel and I was really happy about the plot written on the book flap. I didn’t know who Vernon Vinge was but Mikey did. He said he’s been wanting to read his novels but didn’t have access to. That was a big sigh of relief! Here’s the catch: Children of the Sky is actually book TWO of his series. Haha! Needless to say, I ended up buying A Fire Upon the Deep as well. LOL.

So there you go.
How about you?
What’s in your mailbox this week? 

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2 comments on “IMM (24): Loot From Book Off and the Science Fiction Book Club

  1. Fats! So great to see your titles. And yes, we have to arrange a visit to Book Off next time I visit San Diego – June/July next year, mark your calendar. Hehe. I see very familiar titles here. I also have See you later, gladiator by Scieszka (in fact I think I have TWO copies of this book), I also have Moominland Winter (bought that on sale while I was in San Francisco’s Green Apple).

    I am literally green with envy when I saw the Raskin title. Good for you! I haven’t read this one yet, and it looks a tad old, I just hope we still have this in our library. Is it written in verse? I was thinking you could add that to our poetry-filled yuletide-cheer theme, but I doubt that it’s in poetic form.

    I have a copy of CRAZY LADY! And I’ve read it – perfect for when we have a theme on children with diverse needs – I loved that book, cried a little when I finished it. Reminds me, I should get Ela to read that.

    I have a collection of Avi and Creech titles in my bookshelves (all of them I haven’t read, since they don’t fit our GatheringBooks themes as yet – I am currently drowning in novels-in-verse I borrowed from the library) – but the titles you have here, I haven’t seen yet.

    I got my copy of Mirrormask from Prague at 50% off as well, but I think it’s still mighty expensive compared to your 8usd. But perhaps, around that much too, I think. It was Tuting who pushed me to get it. Such an enabler.

    I’ve seen the parasol of protectorate in quite a number of mailboxes in IMM – I’m glad to see you’ve read it and actually liked it! Hahaha. Nice. :)

  2. I’m reading Bloomability right now! Hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

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